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Apple Cooking Pellets

Washington apple and a hint of Northwest Alder provide a dense and fruity flavor that lends a sweet, woody taste to ham, pork, chicken, and sausages.

Competition Cooking Pellets

A special blend with the versatility for backyard family fun or a BBQ competition. The mild, smokey flavor of Northwest Alder compliments the dense, sweet smoke of Washington Apple and the tart flavor of Cherry.

Cherry Cooking Pellets

A combination of cherry and Northwest Alder creates a sweet, mild tart flavor that adds mouthwatering flavor to enhance red meats, chicken and fish.

Hickory Cooking Pellets

A distinctive blend of Southern Hickory and Northwest Alder that gives a rich and smokey flavor to beef, ribs, ham, and pork. Hickory adds a 'bacon-like' taste to your backyard barbecue.

  • Burn time varies by grill setting
  • Made from a Timber Industry by-product
  • Produces the perfect amount of smoke for your pellet grill
  • Can be mixed with other pellets for enhanced flavoring