Wetter Manufacturing of Memphis, Tennessee (1864) and Perry Stove Works of Albany, New York (1869) are the two companies that make up what is now known as United States Stove Company. Perry Stove Works relocated to South Pittsburg, TN in 1886 for the abundance of natural resources available such as limestone, iron ore, and coal, as well as the easy access to railway and water transportation. They flourished until a boiler explosion killed six key personnel in 1888. That same year, Perry Stove sold to Wetter Manufacturing. Wetter purchased the foundry and combined it with his own in St. Louis, Missouri. Both foundries produced heating stoves and cooking ranges. In 1926, a local businessman reorganized the business and renamed the company United States Stove Company. 

Building a Brand

In 1937, a contract with Sears, Roebuck and Company was formed. For the next 37 years, three-quarters of our company’s volume was through Sears. Contracts were also established with Montgomery Ward, Spiegel and Aldens, and furniture and hardware distributors. Throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s, United States Stove Company products were mainly coal and wood kitchen ranges. In 1963, the “Franklin Fireplace” was designed to heat homes more efficiently. By 1975, USSC was producing over 400 Franklin Stoves a day in our South Pittsburg, TN factory. While the Franklin grew in popularity, circulators were also becoming popular. USSC opened a second manufacturing plant to accommodate this demand. From 1979-1981, production was averaging more than 500 units per day. 


We are privately owned and operated. Our years of experience in each part of our business is hands down the longest and best in the industry. With 140 years and counting, we have people start their careers and then retire from our company after 30 plus years of service. The corporate facility is located in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, about 30 miles West of Chattanooga. Our parts department, engineering, and testing lab is located across the street from the corporate offices, where our call center is located. Manufacturing is located in Bridgeport, Alabama, about 7 miles from the main campus. We also have a plant is Eugene, Oregon and two smaller plants in Tennessee.

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