The new American Classics Hearth Pads are Perfect for any wood or pellet stove installation. These pads meet or exceed most manufacturer recommendations for installation. They use High quality ceramic materials and are available in several colors to match most any d├ęcor.
hearth pads

american classic

Our hearth pads are crafted from
a variety of quality stone and ceramics
- expertly finished for maximum durability.
Several sizes and colors available in a
standard or square panel.

Measurements -
Standard Shape (inches)

Model A B C D
36S 36 36 30.5 24.5
40S 40 40 29.5 18.75
48S 48 48 37.5 27

Measurements -
Square Wall Shape (inches)

Model A B C D
36W 36 36 NA NA
40W 40 40 NA NA
48W 48 48 NA NA

Type 1 and Type 2 pads

Type 1 is a non-combustible substrate pad that offers a 1 inch heavy duty frame. Type 2 offers ember shield with thermal protection with a R-Value rating of 1.592.

Economy Series

Classic and simple, the Economy Series offers afforability priced tile hearth pads that still provide beauty and great protection.

Designer Series

Color and design are important when creating the right look. We offer the tile in complex blends of color, sizes, textures, and finishes to express your individuality.